The Team


Duski is a freelance artist and illustrator, handling everything from Character to GUI design. If it's visually appealing, it's her handiwork. She's a lover of cats and reading, and if she's not drawing she can usually be found relaxing with a cup of tea watching Always Sunny on netflix.

Currently Duski divides her time between Sanguine Rose and her freelance artwork. Once we have more financial support, Duski will be able to devote more time to producing content for the game while saving for her own DDR machine.

If you want to get in touch with Duski, general inquiries or for commissioning art, email


Our resident code monkey and wannabe composer. Hallows has read a grand total of two legitimate books which qualifies him to also write dialogue. Alongside his other rather prestigious titles, he is also Master of Coin - primarily because if Duski was in charge of funds then it would all go on assorted anime figurines and starburst.

Presently Hallows works full time and pounds keyboards in frustration during his free time, which means adding features to the game will become much more rapid once he is freed from the gnarled clutches of big business and safely ensconced in the gnarled clutches of freelance game development. Hallows probably isn't leaving his day job anytime soon, however, once we reach our funding goals Hallows will finally be able to realize his dream of making Sanguine Rose an FPS Space Sim [Duski: No, no he will not].

If you want to contact Hallows directly you can email him at or say his name three times while watching the hit 90s film 'Hackers'.