Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hug of Death

Hi Reddit! 
Lovely to see a sudden burst of attention! Unfortunately we've run out of bandwidth on our concept demos. We are looking into higher bandwidth solutions but probably won't have them implemented until tomorrow. Our bandwidth refreshes daily though so please do come back tomorrow if you've been unable to access either demo. We will update this post if we find a solution sooner. 

 Apologies, Hallows

 Edit: Upgraded our Bandwidth so you should all be able to play our demos now!

Friday, 16 December 2016

December Update

A piece of artwork I started a very long time ago and finally finished.

Duski here, this is just a little update on the development.

Now that we've created two concept demos, we would like to create a much larger and in depth demo. We will have the full cast of main characters involved, and we'll be updating it as we add sex scenes. As the game grows we'll also be adding more features like saving/loading and a gallery for unlocked scenes.

GUI for the main menu

I've been busy drawing the background for the watchhouse too, which will feature in the next demo and serve as something of a communal area when the player is not watching Carmen in the cellar. Here the player can interact with other characters and advance side stories within the narrative.

And finally, Markus' Sprite is done!