Saturday, 28 January 2017

Update - Alpha

Hello, Duski here! I'm not usually the one doing the writing but here we go.

We've had a very busy month doing Sanguine Rose, mostly grinding at tasks behind the scenes that need to be done. I've done heaps of art, managed to get a new desk chair so I'm not as desk-crippled as usual and also managed to get ill. (annoyingly)

I want to give a huge thanks to 44KPanda for writing an awesome article about us on Lewdgamer! Little mentions and advertising give us a huge boost, and we're very thankful for it.


The next playable content we release for the game will be an Alpha that includes the bulk of the storylines from day 1 (The story is only 3 days long). We set our hopes high, wrote a lot of different paths and now we are chugging away filling them in. It'll be much more like an actual game, with a menu and introduction, but of course it's not the final product. I'm sure Hallows will have more to say when we are close to finishing it. I've learned a lot about my own workflow creating the game, and realised that my standards for the art I made are catastrophically high sometimes. I'm making an effort to create simpler art where it's needed, so that I have time to make more art as a whole.

Now for some of the recent art. We're always deliberating on what to post, and what to keep a secret. If you'd like to see as much content as you can before it's posted, or if you'd like it to be kept a surprise- I'd like to know!

This is from a corruption scene, in which Crow becomes led astray by a mixture of Carmen's depraved encouragement and seeing filthy acts in public. It has themes of voyeurism and exhibitionism, which I'm excited about.

This is an example of the new type of animations that we will be utilising. It's a parallax scrolling of different elements to create the feeling of 3 dimensions. I think it brings a lot more life to the art. The in game art won't be as choppy as this, don't worry.
I thought I'd post some of the small animated frames (from the second demo) that I've had hidden away on the patreon for a long time.

Lastly, here is a preview of a piece of saucy art available currently to our $10 patrons. To look at our Patreon, click here, or you can always click the button in the sidebar! I won't give too many spoilers about this scene quite yet.

 There is also more NSFW content available to patrons-


We are tantalisingly close to our $250/month goal on Patreon. It's nerve wracking! We'll be doing a special post for every patron when we hit $250~ As always, thank you for reading and supporting us.

-Duski ♥

Friday, 6 January 2017

The Cast and World of Sanguine Rose.

As our patrons will already know, the sprites for Sanguine Rose's main cast are now complete:
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'Complete' here being a word which means 'ready for implementation'. This means the next demo will feature all four mercenaries as well as the provocative Carmen Valentine. Those of you with keen eyes will also notice Roman and Carmen are looking a little sexier. Duski is always looking for ways to perfect the visual side of Sanguine Rose and she's really outdone herself this time.

As we've said before, the next demo we plan to release is going to be a big one, tying together both scenes we've shown so far as well as adding some entirely new ones in, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. We'll be announcing it on all our platforms once it's complete, but it will only be available to our Patrons initially. So if you're following this project but not currently a patron, consider supporting us once the demo is released. Just $1 grants early access to the next demo. That said, the demo will be released to the public for free at a later date, likely a month or so after the patreon release, so don't feel pressured. Not all support is financial, and we appreciate the feedback we receive from everyone watching this project.

Now here's a question, where does this game even take place?
Whitewood is the tiny little place between Skagen and West Skagen
Here we have the working map of important locations within the story.

Carmen is High General to the Sanguine Rose army, which after a recent military takeover has rebuilt the Amarinthian Empire (the orange bit). The empire is ruled by Queen Anastasia of House Sanguine Rose, from the capital city Amarinth. Anastasia and Carmen are both originally from a region called The Gardens . The most skilled Sanguine Rose soldiers are trained there.

Roman, Crow, Markus, and Glasha all live within Greater Hirane (the green bit on the left).

To the south we have a large and freezing cold island (the yellow bit at the bottom), birthplace and home to the orcs. Most orcs keep to small tribes, so no central government exists here. Some pure orcs are even feral, and cannot be reasoned with. Orcs like Crow and Glasha are actually part human, and are very common in the southern regions such as Skagen. While little research has been done on the matter, orc-humans tend to have increased sexual appetites.

The Amarinthian Empire is currently at peace with their neighbours to the east (the purple area) but that might change in the future.

As always if you have any comments or thoughts regarding this post, please let us know in the comments below.