Friday, 6 January 2017

The Cast and World of Sanguine Rose.

As our patrons will already know, the sprites for Sanguine Rose's main cast are now complete:
Please leave the order you would 'tap that' in the comments below.
'Complete' here being a word which means 'ready for implementation'. This means the next demo will feature all four mercenaries as well as the provocative Carmen Valentine. Those of you with keen eyes will also notice Roman and Carmen are looking a little sexier. Duski is always looking for ways to perfect the visual side of Sanguine Rose and she's really outdone herself this time.

As we've said before, the next demo we plan to release is going to be a big one, tying together both scenes we've shown so far as well as adding some entirely new ones in, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. We'll be announcing it on all our platforms once it's complete, but it will only be available to our Patrons initially. So if you're following this project but not currently a patron, consider supporting us once the demo is released. Just $1 grants early access to the next demo. That said, the demo will be released to the public for free at a later date, likely a month or so after the patreon release, so don't feel pressured. Not all support is financial, and we appreciate the feedback we receive from everyone watching this project.

Now here's a question, where does this game even take place?
Whitewood is the tiny little place between Skagen and West Skagen
Here we have the working map of important locations within the story.

Carmen is High General to the Sanguine Rose army, which after a recent military takeover has rebuilt the Amarinthian Empire (the orange bit). The empire is ruled by Queen Anastasia of House Sanguine Rose, from the capital city Amarinth. Anastasia and Carmen are both originally from a region called The Gardens . The most skilled Sanguine Rose soldiers are trained there.

Roman, Crow, Markus, and Glasha all live within Greater Hirane (the green bit on the left).

To the south we have a large and freezing cold island (the yellow bit at the bottom), birthplace and home to the orcs. Most orcs keep to small tribes, so no central government exists here. Some pure orcs are even feral, and cannot be reasoned with. Orcs like Crow and Glasha are actually part human, and are very common in the southern regions such as Skagen. While little research has been done on the matter, orc-humans tend to have increased sexual appetites.

The Amarinthian Empire is currently at peace with their neighbours to the east (the purple area) but that might change in the future.

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  1. Just a question please! What is that here? Or better said what sort of Game? A visual Novel or something like that? = o

    1. Questions are fine :) Sanguine Rose is an erotic visual novel based in a fantasy medieval setting. You can find links to the two concept demos in our menu, the second demo is NSFW.

  2. I just saw the piece LewdGamer did on you guys and your game and followed the link from there. I'm really intrigued by everything you folks are doing, the art is incredible and the premise is really interesting and absolutely unlike any other h-game, or even regular game for that matter, I've ever heard of. I will be eagerly following this project! Good luck to you guys!

    On another note, to answer the question posed in your post: Crow, Glasha, Carmen.

    1. Thank you, we're trying to do something original with Sanguine Rose and it's always encouraging to hear it's working. I'm really glad you like my art and the game.

      It seems like Crow is quite popular!

  3. I'm actually pretty curious about Glasha so I think I'd go for her first. Then Crow and Carmen.

    1. Well then I better get cracking on some art for Glasha!

  4. I like exotics, so for me the order is the pretty-orc Glasha, the more petite elvish looking Crow, and then the fairly ordinary looking (though, I hasten to add, still quite attractive) Carmen.

    However, I should say that this is just from a design point-of-view. From a character POV, the demos show Carmen to be pretty intriguing, but with little interaction for Crow, and I don't remember coming across Glasha at all (though it's been several days and I was kinda just poking around for a few minutes, so maybe I just missed her). As such, who I'd prefer spending time interacting with in-game will be more on the actual writing and scenario.

    Please note that I haven't actually dug into your art, so this may already be the case, but as a suggestion, the presentation of Carmen as a general of an army implies a certain level of combat training, which in turn suggests a certain level of athleticism.

    A soldier who wears the 20-25 pounds of a mail hauberk, plus more for any additional plate armour and a helm (full plate is around 60 pounds), who swings around 3 pounds of blade like it was nothing, and who can take a solid hit from large man without falling over cannot be a weakling.

    While I wouldn't expect her to have the musculature of an orc (I'm expecting Glasha to look at least somewhat bodybuilder-ish, and not just be tall and have cute fangs), I would expect Carmen to have some definition in her arms, legs and belly -- say, like a fitness model rather than a softer glamour model.

    Anyway, your art is good, the scenario seems to be okay (can't really say much more when barely a blurb is available), but what I really enjoyed (and still remember, several days after playing the demos) was the character byplay. I hope the characters of Crow and Glasha are as complex and fleshed out as Carmen's, and that the plot gives them something to do other than fall into bed with the main character.

    Best wishes for the game -- if this were on Kickstarter, I'd be backing at the high-res CG artbook level (e.g. the last project I backed, at the £30 Exclusive Content Artworks level).


    1. Hello!

      Glasha isn't in the demos we currently have out, but she will be in the one that is currently being made. As for Carmen's body, I agree that she would have an extremely athletic physique being a skilled fighter and soldier. My early designs showed only a small amount of muscle definition, but as I gain anatomy knowledge she has definitely become more muscular and defined in more recent art. Though, Carmen uses agility more often than brute force, so her armour would have to be light. In the fantasy world we created, though it's based on the medieval period, we are always taking small liberties for creative freedom and aesthetics. Glasha, as quite a pure blooded orc, does have an extremely muscular body. Obviously this lends itself to her character and race.

      We took some time deliberating on the fact that even though we have put quite a bit of information online, none of it is compiled in a very obvious and easily readable place. So, soon we'll be adding a page to this blog with everything you'd need to know about the story and characters. It will still all be addressed in the game, but for now we'll have the information available to supplement the demos.

      I'm glad you enjoyed that! All of our characters are deeply fleshed out, and will be explored eventually in the story arc. (Although they do tend to fall in bed with each other anyway.)

      Thank you! We are on patreon, and have a $10 tier where we post every wednesday with an update and some art that hasn't been posted anywhere else. I hope you take a look. Anyway, thank you for the detailed feedback, I appreciate you took the time to write it.