What do different version numbers mean?

There's no real industry standard for version numbers, so we've divided up progress in the way that makes the most sense to us. Simply put, the game takes place over three days (currently planned anyway) so PreAlpha (0) referred to the first day being incomplete. The Alpha (1) refers to the first day being complete. The game will be in Beta (2) once the second day is complete, and so on. While days are being built we add scenes or fix bugs/dialogue, and these are implemented as follows. An update which includes new content is marked by the second number. So 1.0.0 becomes 1.1.0 when new content is added. If the update is a bug fix or dialogue update, it goes from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1. To summarise, the first number represents the number of days which are 'complete' so far, the second number represents newly introduced scenes, and the third is for individual bug fixes between new scene updates.

What fetishes/kinks does Sanguine Rose include?

  • Domination (maledom and femdom)
  • Submission (malesub and femsub)
  • Mild Violence
  • Group Sex
  • Voyeurism
  • Exhibitionism
  • Humiliation
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Monster Girls/Guys (Orcs)
  • Prostitution
  • Questionable Consent
  • Free Use
  • Cuckolding (Being the bull)
We are also always taking suggestions!

How many playthroughs would it take to open all of the content?

For the alpha we're currently making, between 6 and 10 playthroughs is our working estimate to see all the visual content in day one (the game as planned takes place over three days). However, dialogue can vary dramatically along routes that share artwork. So to experience every possible playthrough would take a hell of a lot more playthroughs than that.

Is Dominant Roman going to abuse his authority or will the characters enjoy it as he takes control?

We're firm believers that domination is not the same as rape/abuse. We've planned and penned scenes with questionable consent, but nothing as of yet that is outright rape. Basically, if you dominate right, your partner will want you to dominate them. There may be some verbal and physical abuse, but both parties will enjoy it in almost all cases. Smut should be fun!

How much actual porn will the game have?

We are making sure that every route through the game is gratifying and also develops the characters in some way. The adult content might not always be pleasant though, it has bad endings too!

Will you move to Unity/Renpy in the future?

We might move to another engine eventually, Chrome is phasing out support for flash and it's pretty much on it's last legs as a medium, but it has its benefits for now: mostly that it allows the game to be easily playable in browser.

Hhow can I see the game in HD?

We have the game the size it is at the moment because if it were high resolution, the large amount of images would make the game huge, and it would take much too long to load. We plan on releasing a HD remaster which people can download if they wish to see it larger.

Will you add this ____ fetish?

We get asked a fair amount whether or not we'll be adding other fetishes to the game. When we write new scenes we will do polls, and then pick the popular ones. This way we can have some control over it but also please as many people as we can. Feel free to ask about a certain fetish.

How do I save/skip?

In the alpha, which will be released early August, there's an instructions panel in-game which shows you how to do everything. In the current public release you can skip dialogue by holding the space button and you can save by pressing S.


If you have any questions, do comment somewhere on the blog, or if you'd like to ask us personally then both of our emails are in the Team page!


  1. Will be realised a foot fetish? I think that it's very suitable for the lusty sly general!

    1. There may be some foot fetish content in routes where Carmen dominates Roman. We haven't got any scenes planned for that yet though.

  2. Will there be some M/M content? Markus is pretty hot.

    1. There will likely be some M/M content involving Markus, but not Roman. We have other scenes we're working on first though so it might be a while. That said, we do have a Markus PoV scene planned with Glasha in development right now, so they won't be left out of the fun :D

  3. Will there be futanari?

    1. Currently we don't plan on adding any Futanari content as it doesn't really fit our idea for Sanguine Rose, but Duski makes non-canon comics, and we are considering dream sequences, so there's the possibility of us adding it in the future if there's enough demand.