Friday, 16 December 2016

December Update

A piece of artwork I started a very long time ago and finally finished.

Duski here, this is just a little update on the development.

Now that we've created two concept demos, we would like to create a much larger and in depth demo. We will have the full cast of main characters involved, and we'll be updating it as we add sex scenes. As the game grows we'll also be adding more features like saving/loading and a gallery for unlocked scenes.

GUI for the main menu

I've been busy drawing the background for the watchhouse too, which will feature in the next demo and serve as something of a communal area when the player is not watching Carmen in the cellar. Here the player can interact with other characters and advance side stories within the narrative.

And finally, Markus' Sprite is done!


  1. Wouldn't it be better to start developing on a different engine rather than to further develop the game ?

    1. Hey, Hallows here. Honestly this is something Duski and I have discussed since day one. Flash works right in people's browsers, and pretty much any site will host a flash game. It's ubiquitous but it's also a dying medium. Our aim is to use flash to drum up support initially and then watch where the industry moves. When flash gets phased out of browsers we're going to see hosting sites like Newsgrounds and WPG rapidly adjust their model. If they begin supporting in-browser Unity then that's probably the direction we'll go, but that has its own problems right now. HTML5 is another option, again with its own problems, but if the wind blows that way so will we.

      The good news is that the 'engine within an engine' I'm building in flash should be reasonably easy to move over to other mediums, and if there's a wide enough demand for a more robust version of the game then I may switch over to Unity early, but right now flash works as a way to showcase the selling points of the game: The artwork, the decision trees, the world and the characters. I would love to be working with, frankly, anything else, but as the industry standard it's the fastest way for a new studio to get seen.

  2. i sincerely hope this game wont be on FLASH,like...srsly ? VN on a FLASH ??
    i've played few of tham and that was PAN AND SUFFERING.
    it lags,there is NO skip function,it's image scaling is ATROCIOUS.
    there are more shit tons of stuff that does not work well.
    use renpy or something else...dont try tyranoscript tho even if it's javan it's not better than flash.

    1. *pain

      pan and suffering lol

    2. As someone who's played VN's in flash, I feel ya. It's not the best medium out there, but it is a prolific one. I've written a bit more about this above, but it is our goal to transition into a more robust engine once there's support for the game. In the meantime I am developing a skip function for the demos, but I'm not sure how necessary it will be. Sanguine Rose normally only has a few lines of dialogue before the player is given a choice, and most of the time that choice will affect the dialogue and possibly the scenes that come next.

      Anyway, we're most likely moving onto Unity once we've showcased a bit more of what we can do. So flash for the first few demos, and then Unity (or possibly HTML5) after that, depending on which way the industry moves.

    3. Also, have you played the concept demos? I like to think they're smoother than most VNs in flash but I'm somewhat biased. I'd be interested in your perspective.

    4. they are good fot the content that are in there but,to try and play every situtation (combination of choices) without skip function is annoying borefest.

    5. Thank you for the feedback. I'll make the development of some kind of skip feature a priority for the next build.