Monday, 22 August 2016

Introductions - Dusky Hallow Studio

Hello! I'm Duski and I'm the artist for Sanguine Rose. Together with Hallows, who is the programmer for this project, we are the studio: Dusky Hallow. We're fresh out of the pre-production stage and it's high time we started letting you know exactly what it is we're doing.


 What is Sanguine Rose? 

Sanguine Rose is an erotic/adult visual novel, similar to an Eroge. You play as Roman, a mercenary tasked with the capture and delivery of the enemy's High General, a woman named Carmen Valentine.

Not only is Carmen a skilled soldier, but also a terrifyingly charismatic hedonist. Upon waking captured by your party she will immediately attempt to escape by playing head games with Roman and the other mercenaries. Roman, meanwhile, will respond almost entirely to player direction, with a wide array of choices available to make. Will you attempt to seduce Carmen, or will you succumb to her will? Can you keep her from escaping while she turns your team against you, or you against them? 

We are aiming to have a beta version of the game available to play before we start looking for funding. If you would like to support this project or have any questions for us, please follow this blog or our tumblr(nsfw). Duski also has more art available at her Hentai Foundry account(very nsfw).


We've both done a lot of work the past few months to get the game to a point where I can start making art and he can start coding the game. We've written a story line and developed characters that already feel so real and fun, with lots of interesting lore and backstories surrounding them. As of today I've made a start on things like the sprites for Carmen:

This is just a small selection of what is probably hundreds of different emotions she can portray

(I'll be creating a character page on this blog soon so that you can be introduced to our cast.~)

Hallows here, we're aiming to have Sanguine Rose meet a high standard in terms of player decisions, so that your actions really matter. Without spoiling too much, our goal is to have Sanguine Rose play out as an almost totally different game based on player decisions. It's been difficult finding a way to record player choices in a way that they have a lot of control over the story line, but the system is coming together and the majority of work from here on in is physical asset creation. Watch this space to see those assets as they're made, as well as a few other treats from the pre-production stage that we plan on sharing.

The characters of Sanguine Rose will play a huge role in the choices the player is presented with, but the focal characters will be Carmen and Roman. It's been a lot of fun designing the whole cast and we're looking forward to showing you them all, but before we get to that, let's meet Roman.

Roman of Clearbourne is a mercenary caught in a war he has no stake in. Regardless, he's taken on an impossible mission that could turn the tide of the war: Capturing the High General, Carmen Valentine. Whether this was a wise move is entirely up to you. 

We could talk for hours about the cast but it's just about time to wrap up. Next time we'll walk you through more of the cast in detail, and maybe have a sneak peak at what they'll be doing in game.

Goals for the future

Short term, we're aiming to get something playable out on the web for free. This will cover most of the general interactions between Carmen and Roman in the first location we plan to showcase. Long term we'd like to expand cast interactions so that more of the cast are included in the sexual aspects of the game, and then we'd like to cover more locations. We're very open to user feedback on what you would like to see possible in Sanguine Rose, so don't be afraid to message us if you'd like to see something specific within the game.


We plan on updating this blog as frequently as possible with updates on the game so stick around!

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