Concept Demo 2

After a day without food, Roman decides its time to feed the prisoner. She has something else on her mind.

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Now that we've shown a little more of Sanguine Rose, we feel like it's time we started crowdfunding. While it is very much a labor of love, love does not pay the bills. We fully intend to continue developing and releasing new content for Sanguine Rose in our free time, but for those who want more we highly recommend checking out the rewards available for Patrons. 

Last time we wanted to showcase the branching dialogue that will be featured in Sanguine Rose, so this time we've created a sex scene that takes place later in the story - to show where some of those earlier choices might eventually lead. All paths lead to success here, but don't expect the real thing to be so easy. Until next time, leave a comment, and thanks for playing!

Credit to leosalom of for the fireplace audio.


  1. Very exciting scene, but there are questions to the technical part. Only way to switch screen is inconvenient is a clicking on the text. It's not convinient. Is it possible to realize switching by clicking at any place on the picture?

    1. At the moment it's possible to advance dialogue by clicking anywhere on the dialogue box, and we'll be adding the ability to progress forwards by pressing the spacebar later. We'd like to avoid having the ability to click anywhere on the screen, as players might click other buttons (like the mute button) and accidentally skip forwards.