Monday, 14 May 2018

1.3.0 Public release + Extras

Hello! Duski here. I thought I'd post some of the recent sketches I've done. There's more available to patrons too, along with the uncensored versions of the top two, so please do visit our Patreon!~

New Public Build: 1.3.0

To download the latest public release, click here! There you can also find the changelog and other information.

We made a twitter recently, so please follow us on there for updates and teasers: DuskyHallows @ Twitter

'She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak, I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks' This was the inspiration for the scene I'm currently drawing, which you can preview at the bottom of this post.

Someone requested an Easter Carmen, frankly seeing her this cheerful is a little scary.

Terrifyingly.. SR is set in a pretty normal mediaeval world, so Yep.. Glasha does sometimes wear a dress.

Lab technician Crow. She suits glasses I think.

Something I never posted anywhere else. Just my gratuitous scrawling of our our hunky MC. Someone online called him a dreamboat, I laughed. Maybe so.

Lastly, here are some teasers from twitter for the upcoming scene!

Don't question it. Just accept it.


  1. This is going to be a big "ideas guy" post so feel free to ignore this.

    SO I really like the current setting but I'm not sure what the planned timeframe for what the length of content is. It looks like it's set up for one week, with some epilogue scenes possible. That might seem short from an outside perspective but given the fact that one day of content was five scene with multiple variants one week would be about 80-90+ scenes in total.

    That being said, setting is really good for this corruption story. It's in the winter, the cabin is isolated. Staying at the cabin could lead to snow-ins, errant weather cutting off half of the party (Glasha and Markus get separated, making Roman/Crow pull longer watches with all of the corruption and harem building that can come with that).
    Whereas moving to the manor puts you in a more lavish setting where General Valentine or a growingly dominant Roman would feel at home.

    In terms of pacing, there's a bit of concern with Crow's tavern scene. It's a good scene and concept but there can be something said about placing it so soon. Corruption stories generally have a steady and natural progression to them, Oral > Sex > Kinky sex, and sex in public and/or with strangers is always like the, penultimate in corruption of a shy woman. I don't know your timetable, if a week if what you're going for or not but placing it so soon seems like a mistake. If only because, what's the escalation beyond that?

    Again, this is just a collection of rambling thoughts. I really like your work and am looking forward to seeing you continue.

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment, it's always nice to get feedback.

      Originally our plan for Sanguine Rose was for it to take place over three days, and we're still planning on sticking to that (with some room for epilogue scenes). We released Day 2 to our $10+ patrons recently, which brought the number of scenes to about 14 (with variations) and the number of gallery unlockables to 100. Crow's tavern scene takes place at the end of Day 2 so we don't really intend for it to go further except in the epilogue. I think you're probably right regarding Crow's corruption being quick, but there's also a lot to Crow which Roman is unaware of at the start of the story, and we wanted to fit as much content into as small an amount of time as possible. Making the game much longer at this point would probably draw it out into years and years of development, since we're only two people working in what time we have, but if we had the time and resources we'd be placing the whoring scene later in the story.

      I hope this answers some of your concerns, and thanks again for letting us know your thoughts.